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RoweMed AG - Injection-filter

Injection filter

RowePhil Injection-filter with either 18 or 25mm, for avoiding bacterial and particle contamination of small quantities of drugs or solutions, low priming volume, good priming characteristics, different connectors available, different types of membrane can be chosen, latex- and PVC-free.


RoweMed AG - Ventilation-filter

Ventilation filter

RowePhob Ventilation-filter with either 18 or 25mm, for avoiding bacterial contamination, medical quality, high-flow pressure resistance, high burst pressure through supporting fleece, different connectors available, latex- and PCV-free.


RoweMed AG - Infusion-filter

Infusion filter

- Infusion filter


RoweMed AG - Paediatric infusion-flatfilter

Paediatric infusion filter


RoweMed AG - Epidural-anaesthetic filter

Epidural anaesthetic filter

Epidural-anaethetic filter with 0.2µm nylon membrane positively charge, 4cm2 filter-surface, good priming characteristics, low priming volume, transparent filter housings, high burst pressure of housings, connectors: FLL / MLL with rotating lock nut, latex- and PCV-free.


RoweMed AG - RoweSpikes


RoweSpikes with drawel, and aspiration spike with hydrophobic bacteria filter 0.1µm, Different housings, materials, particle filters, cannulas, sizes and designs are available. Latex- and PVC-free.







14 - 16 October 2018

EANM, hall 4, stand 50
Düsseldorf, Germany


12 - 15 November 2018

MEDICA, hall 6, stand B06
Düsseldorf, Germany


12 - 15 November 2018

COMPAMED, VDMA joint stand
Düsseldorf, Germany


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